Facebook, I Want My Friends Back!

Защо Фейсбук решава какво ни се чете и пресява информацията, която достига до нас? Аз пък искам да ме затрупва със снимки, статуси и линкове от всичките 500+ приятели, както и десетките страници и групи! Искам си приятелите обратно!

Say It With A Camera

If you are a Facebook user you really should read this article at Dangerous Minds. The article explains how Facebook are „turning down the volume on your Facebook reach“.  Every time you post on Facebook only a fraction of your total „fans“ are seeing the post.

I know I have noticed that I’m getting less comments on everything I post to Facebook. More importantly I’m missing notifications from pages I’m following.

To read the article, follow the link http://dangerousminds.net/comments/facebook_i_want_my_friends_back.

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