A-Z Photo Archive: I is for Iron Man

Crosby Beach in Liverpool

Another Place is a piece of modern sculpture by Antony Gormley.
Now permanently erected on Crosby Beach, England, it was due to be moved to New York in November 2006, but there was a controversial proposal to retain the work at Crosby. It was recently stated in the local paper, the Crosby Herald, that they may stay for a decade, but at a meeting on 7 March 2007, Sefton Council accepted proposals that would allow the sculptures to be kept permanently at Crosby Beach.

The sculpture consists of 100 cast iron figures which face out to sea, spread over a 2 mile (3.2 km) stretch of the beach. Each figure is 189 cm tall and weighs around 650 kg.
In common with most of Gormley’s work, the figures are cast replicas of the artist’s own body!!!

Another Place was first exhibited on the beach of Cuxhaven, Germany in 1997 and after that in Stavanger in Norway and De Panne in Belgium.

source: Wikipedia

We went there for a walk in spring of 2010, totally unprepared for taking pictures – the camera battery died after just few photos. So some pictures in the post are with good quality and the not so good quality pictures taken with the iPhone are following. Be prepared.

Take a virtual walk with me now. 🙂

Part of A-Z Archive: I Challenge. Thank you, Frizz!
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