Video Friday: Relationships and Farting

We are still in the month of love, right? So how do you describe the different stages of romantic love? I’m pretty sure there’s no normal person who is using words like fart, farting and love in one sentence. But there’s one crazy therapist with a really fabulous theory. Is it true? What do you think?

Enjoy one of the best scene in one of my all time favourite movies.

 Therapist: Relationships are best measured by farting.
 Peter Simon: Excuse me?
 Therapist: The stages of a relationship can be defined by farting.
            Stage one is the conspiracy of silence. This is a fantasy period
            where both parties pretend that they have no bodily waste. This
            illusion is very quickly shattered by that first shy, "Ooh, did you
            fart," followed by the sheepish admission of truth. This heralds a
            period of deeper intimacy. A period I like to call the "Fart
            Honeymoon", where both parties find each others gas just the
            cutest thing in the world. But, of course, no honeymoon can last
            forever. And so we reach the critical fork in the fart. Either the
            fart loses its power to amuse and embarrass thereby signifying true
            love, or else it begins to annoy and disgust, thereby symbolizing
            all that is blocked and rancid in the formerly beloved. Do you see
            what I'm getting at?

подпис Диди

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